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elitegrammarho's Journal

Elite Grammar Whores
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This is a community for Elite Grammar Whores. If you do not know what an Elite Grammar Whore is then this community is not for you. We are the ones who stress the proper rules of the English language, namely:
1. Grammar
2. Spelling
3. Correct usage of punctuation
4. Correct usage of capitalization
5. Correct usage of words

Now you may think of us as a bunch of bitches who simply like to insult those with an inferior level of knowledge of the English language. That's fine, perceive us as you will. But know that we are simply people with a dream of a world where everyone will be able to write like the educated people they are, and not like illiterate fools. Our critiques are simply meant to be a way for people to better themselves, and one day earn the title of Elite Grammar Whore.

Upon submitting your request to join, please send us the following:
1. Your LJ username (so we know who you are)
2. Your name (or whatever you want people to call you by)
3. From where and/or whom did you find out about this community?
4. Why do you feel you are an Elite Grammar Whore?
5. Raise your right hand, and type with your left, "I, [insert name here], do solemnly swear upon all things I hold dear and sacred that I will not be an asshat."

Posts can be public or friends only, depending on the member's preference.