Niniann (darkmousie) wrote in elitegrammarho,

*cringe* It was peer review day in English 102

So, today in ENG 102 was peer review day. I both await excitedly and dread peer review days. I love reviewing papers, but rarely get a worthwile review (people have told me to put a paragraph where one made no sense, changed spellings from correct to incorrect, and shifted tenses in a dizzying manner.) Today, I was awake enough to listen to my prof. I was horrified. She kept saying things like, "Read the author's paper and make sure they have a thesis." The author. They. It hurt.

The first paper I reviewed was painful. He stated his thesis four times in the first paragraph. Further into the paper, not only did he mix up "his" and "their," but he mixed up "their" and "there." Why do people not know these things?! Were so many people absent on the day in second grade these things were clarified?

The second paper was better, though a bit too familiar and overly wordy. He kept telling me that he was argueing without actually stating the argument. His major problem was "its" versus "it's."

Also, yesterday on my friends page, someone in a community had posted about a movie theatre. She said, "The Buddha's had lazer eyes." I felt like flaming her for that, but restrained. I started making an icon with the caption, "Your grammar hurts my soul," though. Why is it so hard to learn the differance between possessive and plural?
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